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   ZedCan Consulting Inc.
   1319 Chestnut Street,
   Vancouver, BC
   Canada V6J 3K1
   Phone: 604 720 7921    sbacker@zedcan.com

Business Consulting Services
for the High Tech Sector

Benefit from over 20 years of vision and leadership at senior executive levels, building and facilitating teams to achieve exceptional results at wireless, enterprise software and early-stage companies.

Specializing in:
- Wireless Solutions
- Enterprise Software
- Field Service Applications

Services offered:
- Strategy Review & Planning
- New Market Investigation
- Partnership Development
- Product / Service Planning
- Process Optimization

Client feedback:    
"Simon helped my team see how our industry would evolve over the next several years. This was pivotal in developing a winning strategy for my company"
Rich Carlson
President and CEO
Wireless Matrix
  "With his unique mix of experience in wireless data and field service, Simon was able to quickly help TrueContext optimize its 'go-to-market' strategy. His knowledge and industry contacts were instrumental in accelerating our partnering efforts."
Kevin McGuire
Co-Founder & VP Product Marketing

“ZedCan has helped shape our business over the years. Simon has great business planning skills and market insight” 
Chad Trytten
CEO and Founder
Spark Integration Technologies


“Simon was an important component in helping us refine our go-to-market proposition and messaging enabling us to present our solution to clients in a very positive light. This was a significant factor in catching the attention of early adopter customers”
Graham Carter
CEO and Founder
Axia Software Corporation

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