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Strategy Review & Planning

“If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you nowhere.” 
Henry Kissinger quoting an old Polish proverb.

Strategy is critical to your company’s success. Successful companies develop strategies that match their unique mix of resources and capabilities to current and emerging market opportunities.

Companies can miss significant opportunities as a result of corporate “tunnel vision”. Ever been to a strategy meeting where each member of the executive team dutifully recites their well-rehearsed views in a way that serves only to reinforce the status quo?  Often this leaves everyone feeling like they have been re-cast as extras in the movie Groundhog Days.

ZedCan is able to help your team take a step back and look at things in a fresh way. Through the use of strategic planning tools such as Scenario Planning, we can develop new strategies to forge a path to success.


MDSI – Mobile Data Solutions Inc.

MDSI had a very successful business supplying Field Service Dispatch and Scheduling Workforce Management Solutions to the Utilities marketplace. The company had long desired to take the solution to other vertical markets, however each attempt had failed.

By taking a different approach, namely identifying which components of MDSI’s total offering truly added value in the adjacent vertical markets we were able to define a new product offering known as MDSI ideligo. MDSI ideligo allowed companies with existing enterprise applications to extend them into the field and to do that in a way that provided the field workers with a very satisfying experience. The product also met other requirements such as rapid installability and pre-defined standard configurations.

The result was that MDSI was able to develop a meaningful partnership with Siebel Systems and  position itself in new vertical markets. Success quickly followed with a multi-million dollar sale into the Oil Services vertical – a brand new market for MDSI.

Motorola Wireless Data Group

Motorola had a strong desire to be a leading player in the supply of infrastructure to operators in the GSM Data world. Despite being a relatively minor player in the area of GSM voice infrastructure, Motorola was able to leverage its expertise in wireless data networks to devise a strategy that gained support in the ETSI committee that was charged with defining the GSM packet data service known as GPRS. The key to success was to re-use much of the technology and techniques that were developed for the CDPD (packet data on AMPS cellular networks) and use it to drive the definition of the GPRS architecture. This approach provided a solid foundation to the arguments presented at the committee and quickly gained support from the other suppliers.

The result was that even before the architecture was formally ratified, Motorola was exceptionally well positioned to develop the required infrastructure products. Consequently Motorola was first to market with significant demos and won many large GPRS infrastructure supply contracts worth millions of dollars.

Wireless Matrix

Wireless Matrix is a US based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Wireless Matrix had been going through a process of developing a new strategy to move beyond its success as an aggregator of satellite and terrestrial data services.

ZedCan worked with the Wireless Matrix strategy team to review the current state of the wireless data marketplace and then identify specific opportunities that would allow Wireless Matrix to leverage its current resources and expertise. One key opportunity so identified, was for Wireless Matrix to use its distinctive Systme Integration capability to vertically integrate its virtual (satellite and terrestrial) network with software applications. As a result, Wireless Matrix embarked on developing relationships and partnerships with certain wireless application providers and has been able to significantly broaden its solution offerings and is now actively selling these solutions.

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